Caernarvon Township Emergency Management Agency

Caernarvon Township, Morgantown, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pa., PA 19543

The following brochures are available at the Township Municipal Building and The Village Library:

1. Emergency Food and Water Supplies
2. What to do in a Disaster
3. Safety Tips for Earthquakes
4. Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit
5. SU Plan Para El Hogar en Caso de Desastres
6. Emergency Preparedness checklist
7. Winter Fire Safety Tips for the Home
8. Helping Children Cope with Disaster
9. Earthquake Preparedness for People with Disabilities
10. Are You Ready - Your Guide to Disaster Preparedness

State, County and Municipal Emergency Plans have been developed and are exercised for response to an emergency. The planes are designed to coordinate and support emergency actions that may be necessary should an emergency occur.

In Berks County, in the event of an emergency, tune to one of the following county Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) Stations:

FM - WRFY 102.5
AM - WEEU 830

Do NOT use the telephone to try to get emergency information. This will seldom bring results and could tie up lines urgently needed for emergency operations.

For further information, contact your local Township Emergency Management Agency at 610-286-1000.

Caernarvon Township, Morgantown, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pa., PA 19543

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