Residents of Caernarvon Township, Berks County, PA are urged to recycle materials in an effort to preserve our environment. Recycling in the Township is done on a voluntary drop-off basis.

Many local farmers accept newspapers to be recycled. There is no formal listing of these locations, however you will see signs and trailers located at the ends of the lanes of those farms that accept newspapers that will be shredded for use as animal bedding.

A formal recycling center is provided at the BFI Conestoga Landfill Recycling Center located on Quarry Road, just north of our township. Items can be dropped off between 8 AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday and between 8AM and 11AM on Saturday. The BFI Conestoga Landfill Recycling Center is currently accepting newspapers, magazines, telephone books, cardboard, junk mail, aluminum and bi-metal cans, and clear glass bottles and jars. Labels do not have to be removed from glass items, but caps should be removed. Items other than paper materials must be separated. Newspapers, magazines, telephone books, cardboard and junk mail should be deposited in the walk-in container at the site. Paper items should be bound with string or contained in paper bags -- Do not use plastic bags.

For further information contact the BFI General Manager at 610-286-6844.

The Berks County Recycling Center collects other materials. Go HERE for their website.
here is their Fee

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