A Brief History of Caernarvon Township,
Berks County

Caernarvon is a Welsh word, based on Caer Yr Arfon - "Fort (Caer) on the River (Arfon)." As with so many places between Philadelphia and Lancaster, the area was first settled by the hardy Welsh. To them, the rolling hills and flowing streams reminded them of their beautiful homeland.

The Township officially dates back to 1752, the same year Berks County was established. There is some confusion as to the origin of the two separate Caernarvon Townships, the other being in adjacent Lancaster County. Possibly the Townships existed as one before the county lines were drawn up, and were divided to accommodate county delineation. In that case, Township origins can be traced back to 1729, the year Lancaster County was established.

Morgantown, the Village within Caernarvon Township, was named after Colonel Jacob Morgan, who laid out the town around 1770. His father, Thomas, had been a native of Wales, a captain in the French and Indian War, and owner of a large tract of choice land in Caernarvon Township.

Jacob Morgan, a Philadelphia merchant, settled in this area around 1765, building a large stone house, which still stands on Hartz Road between Mineview Drive and Shiloh Road. It has been restored by its owners.

Since the arrival of the Turnpike in 1950, the town has changed from a quiet, mostly agrarian village, to a busy commercial and industrial center. The future promises more of the same - continued development, both residential and business. Yet Morgantown remains a pleasant place in which to live or work.

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