Caernarvon Township Permits

We have made permit applications available on our web site. The permit applications may be downloaded and completed by you. When completed, the application, along with any required support documentation, should be mailed or dropped off at the Township Office located at 3307 Main Street, P.O. Box 294, Morgantown, PA 19543.

PLEASE NOTE: All pool installations, including above ground, in-ground, hot tubs, etc. require an Accessory Building Permit to install. Intstallation requiremnts are listed in the
Township Zoning Ordinance Section 606 and in the ICC International Building Code Section 3109.

NOTE: For the purposes of permit applications and certificates of insurance, facsimile (fax) documents cannot be accepted. Only original signatures may be accepted. Certificates of Insurance naming Caernarvon Township as certificate holder ("also insured party") must be mailed directly to the Township from the insurance carrier. Certificates will not be accepted from contractors or applications directly.

Click here for a complete listing of Building Code Permit Fees.


Caernarvon Township, Morgantown, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pa., PA 19543

Available applications*:

Accessory Building Permit Application
Blasting and Burning Application
Building & Zoning Permit Requirements and Checklist
Building Permit Application Form
Demolition Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application Form
Facility Usage Permit
Facility Usage Permit Policy
Highway Occupancy Permit—Driveway & Access Drives
Highway Occupancy Permit—Utilities
Hold Harmless Agreement
Mechanical Permit Application
Permit Review Checklist
Sidewalk Permit
Sign Permit Application
Solicitation Permit Application
Solicitation Permit Requirements
UCC Plumbing/Fire Sprinkler System Permit Application
Use & Occupancy Permit Application
Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage Form
Zoning Permit Application Form
2019 Fee Schedule

Simply click on the form you need and it will open in a new browser for you to print out. Or right click on your mouse then choose Save Target As, then pick a file on your hard drive and click save.

*This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Latest Version

Only applications with original signatures will be accepted.
**Faxed copies or faxed signatures are not accepted.

Caernarvon Township, Morgantown, Berks County, Pennsylvania, Pa., PA 19543

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