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Caernarvon Township is a rural community of approximately 4,000 residents in southeastern Pennsylvania, conveniently located an hour west of Philadelphia and an hour east of Harrisburg. There are a variety of opportunities for residents to get involved in the community by serving on boards, participating in sports programs and participating in community service organizations.

Caernarvon Township is 8.9 square miles and is located in Berks County.

Caernarvon Township offers a variety of housing types from garden apartments to small, older homes to luxury condominiums to spacious estate homes. Caernarvon Township is ideally located at exit 298 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Caernarvon Township is a highly desirable location for families with children as well as retirees.

In 2004, Caernarvon Township, Berks County, was named the 5th fastest growing township in the state of Pennsylvania.

Caernarvon Township Berks County Website


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12/13/2019 - Most of the Township phones are now working, we should be fully operational by the end of today. 

12/12/2019 - Township Phone Lines are currently down.  For non-emergency calls you can call Berks County Dispatch at 610-655-4911.

Please Note:  911 Emergency Calls are not affected by the Township phone outage, those calls will still go to Berks County Department of Emergency Services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

10/31/2019 - A Message from the Caernarvon Township Roadmaster:

Heavy rains, wind, and prime leaf dropping time = flooding of streets along with on and around your property.  Check drains near your home and help clear them of leaves and debris.  It might be the Township Road Crew/PennDot's job, but help them out.  Residents safety is a #1 concern, that is why Maintenance crews spend days cleaning these drains prior to major weather events, but it is an overwhelmingly amount of work. 

To report flooded areas, contact the Township Office at 610-286-1010 during regular business hours.  After hours contact the Police non-emergency number at 610-286-1012.  Thank you.

Paul Whiteman Jr. - Roadmaster

Keith McGowan - Road Crew Foreman

10/31/2019 - Got questions regarding regulations of weeds growth?  See Weeds/Nuisance Ordinance under Township News section to the left of this page.


10/29/2019 - RESIDENTS:  Friendship Park and Clyde Smith Park bathrooms will be closed beginning November 1st for the winter season.  Thank you.


9/13/19 - UPCOMING SIDEWALK REPAIRS:  UGI has informed PA One Call that sidewalk repairs will begin late September in the following areas:  Highcroft, Pennwood Farms and along Main Street.  Utility markings will begin soon, see below for utility color markings guide

Utility Markings Guide (click here)


Image result


8/14/19:   Volunteers Needed!   The Park and Recreation Committee is ready to plan the Morgantown/Caernarvon 250th Anniversary for 2020.  An organization meeting is scheduled for August 14th at 6:30PM(not 7PM), meeting will be held in the Township Building meeting room.  We hope to see many volunteers at the mtg!


6/26/19:  ATTENTION RESIDENTS - Vacancies on Township Boards

Please submit letters of interest to the Board of Supervisors

Sewer Authority

Interested persons must have been a resident for a year, and shall submit a letter to the Board of Supervisors.

Volunteers for Parks & Rec Board Need Background Checks
Find Policy Information Here.

For Current PennDot Projects go to (interactive map)

4/3/2019 - Updated Recycling Center link,

3/28/19 - Driveway Maintenance:  Residents, we need your help!   Check your driveway drainage pipes for clogging caused by debris.  Clogged pipes interfere with proper water flow.   Click here for Ordinance 168 and Ordinance 225 regarding Driveway Maintenance.

3/1/19 - Animal Control Services - Click Here for Township Update


****Casino news in Berks County has raised questions****

Statement from Caernarvon Township Supervisors

October 31, 2018 (click here)

Caernarvon Township Casino Impact Study (click here)

click here for more information about a research project conducted regarding casinos



Do not discharge mower clippings into the street. Caernarvon Township is in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and any debris discharged into the street will end up as fertilizer for the negative growth occurring in the bay. It is also a federal violation of the Clean Water Act.


Please visit the Parks and Recreation Facebook Page for information about the Township Recreation opportunities:

Halloween Party - See Pictures HERE

Christmas Home Decorating Contest


Report furnished by HVA: Part I HERE
Appendixes: Appendixes HERE





Please remember to trim your sidewalks and curb-lines. Residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of the sidewalks and curbs in front of your house. Information on the Chesapeake Bay Best Management Practices BMPs) can be found HERE.

The Caernarvon Township Sewer Authority is working to comply with discharge sewer requirements. Township residents, including farms, are also required to comply with requirements. By reviewing the BMPs, you can likely find ways to help. Visit the Chesapeake Bay website at

The Penn State Extension Service has great information about mowing on their website. Click HERE for more information.

Also, please see the attached Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) for farm stormwater management.


Find Out First
Get local alerts about emergencies, severe weather, and road closures on your cell or email.

Emergencies, Severe Weather, Traffic Alerts
When situations arise in Berks County that may affect you and your family, Berks Alert lets local officials notify you quickly. Be among the first to find out and stay informed during an emergency.

Description: Description:

Sheriff Brigade
Like us on Facebook:

Berks County Emergency Services:

Lancaster Region Reliability Project
Please visit the following website for information about the electric transmission line:


Summer tips for mowing
Reminder: Please do not discharge grass clippings into the street. See this attached BMP Guideline for additional information.


A new Pennsylvania Drivers Manual is available at


Commuter Services' Rideshare and Emergency Ride Home - is a program that provide necessary tools to commuters in order for them to successfully switch from driving alone to a commuting alternative; such as carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, walking or riding transit. Please visit In addition, they partner with
employers in Berks County. Click HERE for the list.



Medication Drop Box -

The Berks County Pharmaceutical Drop Box Initiative Program has been implemented. If you have unwanted and expired medications, the Township Building has a Medication Drop Box located at the Police Department. You may access the drop box during Township Business Hours (8:30am to 4:00pm) or after hours by contacting the Police Department for entry into the building. Please use a black marker to mark out any personal/identification information on the medication container. Please see the attached press releases for more information about this initiative program.

click here for press release  


Timbering Permit is Required
Date Added: 2010-03-15

Property owners are reminded that a Timber Permit is required to be submitted, along with a state approved Timber Harvest Plan, prior to timbering any portion of their property.

Additional information can be obtained obtained by visiting this page: (copy and paste into your browsers address box).

Right to Know Law
Date Added: 2018-05-11

Caernarvon Township Open Records Officer - Joan Bair

Contact information
PO Box 294
3307 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543
Phone 610-286-1010
Fax 610-286-1001

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Open Records

Mailing Address: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Open Records
Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street, 4th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225

Phone: 717-346-9903
Fax: 717-425-5343
General Email:

KEYSTONE  Caernarvon Township Tax ID is:     151001

The Chester Tax Collection Committee (CTCC) recently appointed Keystone Collections Group to serve as the Earned Income Tax (EIT) and Local Services Tax (LST) collector for school and municipal taxing authorities within Twin Valley School District. This important change was brought about under Act 32 of 2008. Act 32 requires municipal governments and school districts in all Pennsylvania counties, except Philadelphia, to select a single tax collector to serve the Earned Income Tax collection needs of the political subdivisions.

For more information go to:


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